I am ‘Ramón y Cajal’ Research Fellow in the Department of Social Sciences at the University Carlos III of Madrid as well as Global Research Fellow in the Centre of Excellence for the Study of International Courts (iCourts) at the University of Copenhagen and member of the Carlos III – Juan March Institute of Social Sciences (IC3JM). I hold an interdisciplinary education based on his PhD in Political and Social Sciences (European University Institute) and BAs in Law, Philosophy and Political Science. In my PhD thesis, I have innovatively contributed to the interdisciplinary understanding of the politics of judicial enforcement of EU law by applying mixed methods research design that combined interviews, surveys and observational data on national courts’ judgements. My doctoral research received peer recognition through the award of the Best Thesis Prize from the Spanish Association of Political Science (2015). After my PhD, I joined iCourts at the University of Copenhagen as postdoctoral fellow in 2014, where he also reached the position of Assistant (2017) and Associate professor (2019), and I was awarded the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law & Politics (2020-2021) by the Eramus+ programme. During my time at iCourts, I implemented interdisciplinary and methodological teaching and research for the study of EU law and International Law and Courts at the Faculty of Law and the Department of Political Science of the University of Copenhagen.

My work mostly focuses on the impact of European and national courts in policy-making and public opinion. My research has been published in recognized peer-reviewed journals and publishers in the fields of Political Science, Law and Sociology, and acknowledged by a multidisciplinary audience. I am also a member of the Steering Committee of the Law & Courts Section of the European Consortium for Political Research, of the Board of Danish European Community Studies Association and of the Network of legal empirical scholars, where I promote, in cooperation with my colleagues, the study of Law and Courts from an interdisciplinary perspective.